an expertise

Art of vine

« Mieux que tout autre végétal, la vigne trouve l’accord des mercures de la terre donnant ainsi au vin son juste poids. Elle travaille tout au long de l’année en suivant la marche du soleil à travers tous les signes zodiacaux.(…) C’est en marquant ainsi les saisons qu’il trouve le plus étonnant des arts: l’art de vieillir. » Gaston Bachelard

The vineyard
The vines are worked mainly by hand for the different stages up to harvest. Short pruning (Guyot) and de-budding are done vine by vine, limiting the quantity to ensure the quality. Green harvesting also helps to control the yield.
The soil is surface ploughed regularly to limit weeds and reduce erosion. A sustainable viticulture approach avoids unnecessary use of synthetic chemicals thus preserving the soil. The estate stopped using herbicides and insecticides about 20 years ago.

The harvest
 Every year each bunch of grapes is inspected by our vigilant fruit selection team, ensuring that only ripe and clean grapes arrive in the vats.

The winemaking
The wines are made at the estate and carried out by the team. Winemaking is and art which unites instinct with scientific knowledge, patience and intelligence.
The acquired knowledge and experience are put to give each cuvee the chance to express its specificity and personality, in short, the expression of the terroir, through the aromas which are particular to these great wines.